Logo Design and Brand Colors - Inspired by Audrey January 31 2014, 1 Comment

The logo is an evolution of a drawing created by Audrey Grace. As Donna recollects:

“The logo is an abstract design by graphic artist, Lee Orrison, based on an original artwork Audrey created. Children’s Mercy Hospital's Teen Advisory Board (TAB) was involved in a project to update posters in the hospital cafeteria. As a member of the board, Audrey brought posterboard home from the teen meeting and drew the picture of a cheerful, welcoming and colorful mouse with an elaborate background. At the following TAB meeting, she turned in her mouse poster. It was mounted in a prominent location in the cafeteria just a few months before she passed away. I tried and tried to get her to let me take a picture of her standing by it, but she refused time and time again!” said Donna Yadrich, AudreySpirit, LLC, owner, about her daughter. “After Audrey's death, I asked that when the time came to ‘change out’ the artwork in the cafeteria, the family would rather have it than have it thrown away. A few months later, the hospital gave the original poster to us. As a mom, I was amazed and perplexed to realize that such a beautiful and detailed work was created by a child whose life would be ended by an infection which had already begun attacking her brain.” Summary by Hannah Lemon


The logo will be placed on the tag of every garment, on informational packets, incorporated in the website as the web address avatar, social media profile picture, etc. The sky blue and coffee brown mouse will be a symbol of self-expression despite being sick, of safety and patient-centered care, and of how the impossible gets done