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Dance with your Hero - Autoimmune Disease Awareness

Audrey Grace Yadrich Audrey Yadrich AudreySpirit autoimmune disease autoimmunity Class of 2014 Dance with your Hero Keith Mann Mara Becker MiKaylee

About Autoimmune Disease
"Autoimmunity is really complex and the group of conditions that fit within autoimmunity are very diverse. They often don’t have a ‘name’ that people recognize and are often really hard to explain. They are not ‘contagious’ – like many people think about ‘diseases’ but are life altering, lifelong and, in the most severe cases, life threatening."  Mara Becker, MD and Keith Mann, MD were gracious enough to share this information about autoimmune disease to help kids understand it better.  Both doctors took great care of Audrey and are among her biggest heroes. Audrey's school peer and dance colleague, MiKaylee, is working on a very touching senior project.  As this would be Audrey's senior year in high school as well, MiKaylee is fundraising for a scholarship in Audrey's honor for 1-2 members of their Class of 2014.  The scholarship really does honor Audrey's love of education - in 7th grade, Audrey already started a "college" folder where she stored scholarships opportunities she had identified to fund her college career!

Last Friday, a daughter-hero dance was held at the high school to support the scholarship. MiKaylee and her high school dance team peers worked with elementary students and their hero's for three intense dance sessions to prepare for their public performance.

My son Peter is pictured with me at the booth which explained Autoimmune Disease, the scholarship, and AudreySpirit.

For more information on autoimmunity visit or



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