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"The shirt changes the comfort and ease of access to the port. If the patient is more comfortable, then they are more cooperative. The comfort of the patient is priceless."
Amanda Woelk, CCLS
Child Life Hematology/Oncology Supervisor
Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics
"A really good thing is with these shirts is they unsnap where you need them and they snap right back up so it doesn’t require you to be exposed then you get to keep your dignity."
Chief Patient Advocate, AudreySpirit, LLC
"One of hardest things to deal with in a chronically ill child is how to make them comfortable away from home when they have to be in the hospital. This design of using a T-shirt that can be undone without taking it off, will make nursing and physician care much simpler and will be a design that makes the child feel like a normal child and not one that has to wear a gown or pajamas and therefore sick."
Pam Shaw, M.D.
FAAP, District VI Vice-Chair,
American Academy of Pediatrics, Professor of Pediatrics
University of Kansas
"I think this is an amazing idea that would make so many patients’ days a little bit brighter and easier."
Teen Advisory Board Member
Children's Mercy Hospital
"In my work with teens and adults who have to be in the hospital for extended periods of time, I have anecdotally noticed that those who wear their own clothes, sports caps or other individual modes of dress seem to have more empowered feelings about their patient status. Your patient clothing would allow patients who are less inclined to be independent and choose ways to express their individuality to do the same. I believe it might make a difference in their sense of self-esteem and control."
Noreen C. Thompson MSN, PMHCNS-BC
Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
University of Kansas Hospital
"I wish I had one of these shirts now."
Alicia, during a recent hospitalization.
She has had multiple hospital stays the past 15
years for brain tumor treatment