My wonderful daughter Audrey loved Children’s Mercy Hospital staff, providers and volunteers.  Although seriously ill from a rare nonmalignant disease, and hospitalized many times at several hospitals --maintaining Audrey’s sense of empowerment and participating in her medical care were her priorities.

Empowering others like Audrey
Through AudreySpirit, I hope to continue my daughter’s mission -- to make difficult times her peers must face as personable, comfortable and empowering as possible.

What is AudreySpirit?
AudreySpirit is a patient-centered movement.  It uses clothing designed just for you based on shirts I made for Audrey during her extensive stay in the intensive care unit (ICU). These therapeutic garments help nurses get around invasive medical devices without having to disconnect them or contort the patient’s body into uncomfortable positions.  And most of all, the clothing looks “normal.”  A designer has helped me develop original patent pending designs to make high quality garments that are comfortable and useful in medical environments.

Spreading AudreySpirit

AudreySpirit is spread by its hospital customers and the service of authentic ambassadors. AudreySpirit's very first hospital customer is one of the 2013 US News and World Reports Best Children's Hospitals!  Our Chief Patient Advocate, Adrianne, has been in extraordinary medically vulnerable positions while bearing the undeniable spirit of living the best life at all times.  Adrianne advocates for others by sharing recommendations of how AudreySpirit clothing can make her most difficult times more personal and dignified.  Each product listed on this website has been vigorously tested and is "Adrianne approved!" You can help spread AudreySpirit too! Like us on Facebook and tell your healthcare providers and friends!

AudreySpirit empowers adults too

Coming soon are patent pending clothing for breast cancer patients, open heart surgery patients, and others.

Donna Yadrich


Available Product Lines:

xamtee™ therapeutic garments are hospital-provided instruments of patient-centered care by the best hospitals which provide the best care inside and out. Allowing patients to dress no differently than if they were not needing medical treatment demonstrates the hospitals' practice of dignity, respect and autonomy.  Hospitals vested in the dignity and respect of their patients and interested in the in-hospital garment program which enables staff to provide high-quality care to its patients by allowing direct exams without having to unhook tubing or lines which can be time-consuming as well increase the risk of deadly blood stream infections or misconnections between lines.  These garments are indistinguishable
 from street
 and minimize nakedness as medical tubing and lines pass between gaps in the MRI-compatible fasteners. xamtee™ enables your hospital to provide dignity and self-worth to your patients, which increases their satisfaction of your hospital and your care.

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empowertee™ apparel gives teens and the chronically ill an avenue for self-expression and a sense of empowerment by allowing them to create their own designs and logos for their shirts. This apparel is indistinguishable
 from street
 and minimizes nakedness as medical tubing and lines pass between gaps in the MRI-compatible fasteners, aiding the patients in receiving exams and medically invasive treatments such as mechanical ventilation; and medications or nutrition delivered into their veins or feeding tubes in the hospital or even while at home. empowertee™ garments allow your loved ones to leave their 'sick clothes' behind while still maintaining dignity and safety by wearing clothing that serves them at home or in the hospital.

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bitsytee™ clothing gives infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and those babies at home the opportunity to be comfortable, safe and cute. This clothing is indisnguishable
 from typical baby clothes and have all the cute elephants, giraffes and monkeys that your baby should get to wear. bitsytee™ garments allow the NICU staff, home-health providers and bitsytee moms and dads to give high-quality care to your infant by doing direct exams with without having to unhook tubings or lines which can increase the risk of infection. You can upload your own designs or buy a pre-designed baby outfit.

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