AudreySpirit Helps Kids Feel Like Kids Anywhere

AudreySpirit makes life better for children enduring frequent medical treatments, tests and procedures by providing garments that are as comforting as a mother’s embrace. Designed by kids for kids, loved by doctors and nurses our garments provide that embrace without interfering with medical machines.
When my daughter Audrey was so sick at home and in the hospital, I just wanted to scoop her up, hold her tight and make her feel better. When she was 14, her last hospital stay was nearly 5 months long and most of it was spent in the intensive care unit (ICU). It wasn’t possible to scoop her up and hold her tight -- but I could wrap her in a clean and brightly colored shirt (modified by hand) that could embrace her no matter if she was in the ICU bed, the operating room or a CT scanner. My love and care could stay close to her throughout any trial.
When Audrey died in 2011, I knew the experience neither of us wished for had cultivated wisdom to help other children. Audrey’s life experiences and optimistic spirit give life to her legacy, AudreySpirit. Now I rely upon AudreySpirit to provide the graceful motivation to operationalize Audrey’s wisdom. AudreySpirit gave me new challenge. How do I develop large scale manufacturing capability for a garment that had features to support children with many medical needs? 
We have accomplished that and now you too can comfort children enduring frequent medical treatments with the purchase of AudreySpirit garments.
Audrey's Mom (Donna Yadrich)