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I stood in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Children’s Mercy Hospital watching my daughter Audrey struggle simply for the opportunity to live. She had been in the hospital so long  — over 100 days this hospitalization — and yet another birthday, this time her 15th, passed by within the walls of a hospital. I just wanted to scoop her up, hold her tight and make her feel better. 

That wasn’t possible because it would have dislodged the zillions of medical lines snaking in and out of her small and fragile body. We were not expecting Audrey to pass away during that hospital stay in 2011, but she did. Through this journey we gained wisdom neither of us wished for but eventually turned into a driving desire to help other children and adults with chronic illnesses. Audrey’s experiences and optimistic spirit gave life to her legacy, AudreySpirit. 

Originally designed to bring the comfort of a mother's embrace, our wearable comfort is so much more than a shirt, our brand’s signature product named WearOurCare Comfort Kit. Working with teen and young adult advisors with complex chronic conditions, parents and nurses and doctors, we have imagined USA-manufactured garments that look like typical shirt, but are so much more. They provide the comfort of a tender embrace when it is needed most, regardless of whether your loved one is in the ICU, operating room, getting an x-ray or even at home.

AudreySpirit is truly the fabric of love. 

Audrey's (and Peter's) Mom (Donna Yadrich)
Peter Yadrich in red Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chief's Jersey number 15 with his mom Donna Yadrich