AudreySpirit Helps Kids Feel Like Kids Anywhere

When my daughter, AudreyGrace, was in the hospital with life-threatening problems, I wanted to make her feel comfortable and like herself, rather than a patient.  Friends and family wanted to help too. How to help was a mystery until now.

You also want to help when someone you care about faces medical challenges which require ports, tubes or other medical devices. Your WearOurCare gift reminds someone special that they are not "in it" alone and gives them dignity in any situation.  You can help now.  Show you care. Give WearOurCare.

Empowering others like Audrey
Through AudreySpirit, I hope to continue my daughter’s mission -- to make difficult times her peers must face as personable, comfortable and empowering as possible. 

What is AudreySpirit?
AudreySpirit is a patient-centered movement.  It is so hard to know how to help a child or young adult who faces life-threatening illness. AudreySpirit will help make it simple for you to make a real difference. Our first products are clothing designed like shirts I made for Audrey during her extensive stay in the intensive care unit (ICU). These therapeutic garments helped nurses get around invasive medical devices without having to disconnect them or contort the Audrey’s body into uncomfortable positions.  And most of all, the clothing looks “normal.”  A designer has helped me develop original patent pending designs to make high quality garments that are comfortable and useful in medical environments.

Since Audrey's death in 2011, I have worked with children and young adults to design an ergonomically friendly, hospital friendly garment that gives them confidence, control and dignity. Each detail of these garments has been a "must have" feature and is made with the highest quality materials and construction these special people deserve!

Spreading AudreySpirit

AudreySpirit is spread by service of authentic ambassadors. AudreySpirit's garments have been used by patients in US News and World Reports Best Children's Hospitals across the United States.  Each product listed on this website has been vigorously tested by children and young adults with cystic fibrosis, serious autoimmune diseases, scoliosis and cancer. Adults have also used it for chemotherapy and radiation treatments, managing wound care and rehabilitation for open heart surgery and recovering from traumatic accidents with inoperable orthopedic problems.

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Donna Yadrich