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Making Positivity, Resilience for the Caregiving Journey

Welcome! You found the right place if one or more of the statements below is a "yes.

As a family caregiver, I hesitate to ask for help because:

  • I worry my loved one would feel embarrassed about the type of help they need
  • I feel I would be judged, or my way of doing things would be judged
  • My house isn't clean enough to have someone come in to help
  • I honestly don't have the money to pay someone to help
  • The type of care needed is too complicated for a friend or family member to help me with
  • I don't want anyone, especially the loved one I care for, to ever feel like they are a burden for me
  • It would take too much energy to explain, for example when someone asks me "how are you doing" I nearly always answer  "fine" but in reality I feel completely overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted
  • Scheduling help from friends and family would be just one more thing I'd have to add to my never ending to do list
  • Scheduling is a hilarious suggestion, I can't tell you what I'll be doing in an hour, I just jump from one necessary thing to another as they come up
  • I am concerned about my/my loved one's privacy

Millions of family caregivers and people who need care suffer in silence because they think their situation is unique. Of course, it is, but with my support and tools - at your own pace - you can begin to apply strategies to relieve some of the pressure and reclaim your balance along your own journey. More information about my lived experience is detailed below.

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When someone you care about has a major health struggle, you want to do your very best to help them get better or at the very least have the most enjoyable life possible. You’re instructed by doctors and nurses to do this and that, but no one asks, “how will you fit that into your established everyday daily personal/work life?” 

Did you realize that 90% of long-term care is provided by family and friends the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) acknowledges are at a higher risk of health problems than people who don’t have this additional responsibility? 

I’ve had the honor to care for a critically ill daughter for 15 years, parents at the end of their lives and a spouse with cancer all while working as a research professional and raising my son. At times, I felt exhausted and inadequate in all aspects of my life and didn’t know how it would get better. It was very difficult to ask for help because I never wanted my loved ones to feel as though they were a burden. 

Now I advise national policy makers and have published several articles in clinical journals about complex chronic illness and family caregiving. My passion is helping family caregivers rebalance their own needs with those of their family member before, during and after health crises, bringing refreshment and peace to everyday family life whether they are at home or in the hospital.

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