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Comfort Your Loved One and also Support Iz-Bee Jammies!

WearOurCare therapeutic garments are designed by the kids and adults who need them! For the next month, AudreySpirit is teaming up with one of those amazing young ladies, Izzy, who celebrates her 8th birthday this winter! Izzy wore WearOurCare garments during her bone marrow transplant.  So when you order WearOurCare garments through February 29th, you not only comfort and empower a loved one, you'll also support Iz-Bee Jammies with 20% of all sales! 

Our followers are aware I've already declared 2016 as AudreySpirit's Sweet 16, and of course it is a Leap Year! Congrats on your 8th birthday Izzy and Happy Sweet 16 AudreySpirit! 

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