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Improve patient-centered care with xamtee® therapeutic garments

Xamtee shirtEach year, millions of children, teens and adults bravely undergo treatments at hospitals, outpatient clinics, and in their homes for life-threatening illnesses.  They courageously endure the pain and mental exhaustion of clinical procedures and treatments, all the while struggling to maintain a sense of dignity and self-worth while trying to hold on to the delicacy of being different than 'normal' folks. 

Through the xamtee® product line (pronounced exam-tee), AudreySpirit manufactures garments indistinguishable from personal clothing many medically complex patients typically wear when hospitalized.  The garments have discreet hospital-friendly openings for routing tubes and lines which eliminates disconnection and re-connection of central venous catheter/medical tubing. Less manipulation of central lines may help eliminate the potential risks of catheter-associated bloodstream infection and/or misconnection of incompatible medications.

Meeting the needs of your patient and the hospital

Dispensing xamtee® therapeutic garments helps your hospital or clinic provide comfort and a sense of empowerment to patients and families. Families have laundered their loved one's very own xamtee® therapeutic garments and returned for outpatient and inpatient procedures and therapies for one year!

These garments assist hospital staff in performing exams safely and discreetly to honor the dignity of the patient while simultaneously may reduce the risk of costly infections. The medical staff does not have to work around difficult street clothes and the patient feels less 'sick' by not wearing a hospital gown. By minimizing risk and increasing positive patient satisfaction scores, xamtee® garments help hospitals provide a higher standard of quality patient-centered care.

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