Being loved looks good & feels even better 

Giving yourself or someone special WearOurCare clothing is like giving a hug! The simple act of getting dressed reminds everyone of how special they are.

Customers using WearOurCare apparel have told us they feel "like they are at home" even when they aren't. Our favorite comment was the clothing "made me feel normal." Customers also say WearOurCare apparel makes them feel better, comfortable, less embarrassed, dignified, in control, able to sleep, independent and more respected.

Family members of children using these shirts have described feeling the love and support of people who are unable to come to visit in the hospital or home. One family showed how much they cared about another child while over 1,000 miles away!  You may not be able to be there, but anyone can WearOurCare.

Miss Izzy wears customized WearOurCare™ apparel during a bone marrow transplant

Above: Miss Izzy helps her nurse feed lines through her WearOurCare garment during a bone marrow transplant.